TOPS Revenue

Welcome to the TOPS revenue page! Here you can search state revenues using the filters. Click on the button to extract / download the search.
Please note the following below when searching:
-If the query is too large it may not return results. If you find you are not getting results (or it’s taking a long time) please add additional filters to trim down results.
-Information including vendor / payee will not be available if it is not public record, is confidential pursuant to state or federal law, or includes any info that a CFO or director of a state agency requests to not be disclosed because of potential injury to the public interest which includes privacy, safety, and security of individuals.
-Vendor / payee names may not be listed as some state entities do not utilize customer functionality and/or interface that information from separate systems such those utilized by institutes of higher education and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Such entities may need to be contacted for additional information if it is not displayed.-Per C.R.S. 24-72.4-103(1)(a) revenues and expenditures only will be listed. Transfers and adjustments are not included in these datasets.
-Data is updated every five business days