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Non-profit organization (NPO) data of campaign reports for solicitation notices from the Colorado Department of State (CDOS) Division of Charity.

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Nonprofit Data
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CDOS - Colorado Department of State
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Public Domain
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CDOS - Colorado Department of State
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Agency Data Series Page
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Data Description
Collection Mode
Data supplied by charities, paid solicitors, and professional fundraising consultants in filings required by the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act
Collection Method
Registration data is filed annually by approximately 15,000 charitable organizations, 200 paid solicitors, and 75 professional fundraising consultants. Solicitation notices are filed at least 15 days prior to the commencement of any solicitation campaign.
Data Collection Instrument
Online filings
Field Names, comma delimited
solicitationnoticeid, campaignreportid, filingtype, campaigndatefiled, charityname, charitysigneddate, solicitorname, solicitorsigneddate, grosscontributions, grossticketsales, grossadvertisingsales, grossinkind, grosstotal, inkinddescription, grossother, expensesalarycommision, expenseprinting, expensepostage, expensetelephone, expenseofficerental, expenseofficeexpenses, expensetotal, expenseauditoriumrental, expenseeventfee, expenseeventprinting, expenseeventother, proceedsnet, proceedspercenttocharity, isfinanciallocalonly, bookkeeper, bookkeeperaddress, bookkeepercity, bookkeeperstate, bookkeeperzipcode, activityflag, comments
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Long Description
Campaign Financial Reports for Solicitation Notices includes records identified by the Solicitation Notice ID and the Campaign Report ID. Fields include the filing type and date filed, the name of the charity, the name of the solicitor, gross proceeds of the campaign, and an itemization of all expenses or disbursements for any purpose. A "charitable organization" means any person who is or holds himself out to be established for any benevolent, educational, philanthropic, humane, scientific, patriotic, social welfare or advocacy, public health, environmental conservation, civic, or other eleemosynary purpose, any person who operates for the benefit of the objectives of law enforcement officers, firefighters, other persons who protect the public safety, or veterans, or any person who employs a charitable appeal as the basis for any solicitation. Search for “charity registration” for all other charitable solicitations-related datasets.
Single Row
Charity and solicitation official first and last name, campaign gross income, expenses, proceeds, and bookkeeper contact
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